A prescription transfer moves your prescription from another pharmacy to Chouteau Family Pharmacy and is very easy to do.  It will transfer all remaining refills to the new pharmacy and voids the prescription at the old pharmacy.


Call or stop by the Chouteau Family Pharmacy location.  Our pharmacy team will call your old pharmacy and transfer the prescription for you. We can transfer any prescription with valid refills that is not a narcotic. Controlled substances can be transferred only one time – see a pharmacist for details.

Transfering Helps Ensure Safety

For your safety and to aid the pharmacist in screening for medication interactions it is best to get as many prescriptions as you can filled at the same pharmacy.  This way, the pharmacist can look at all of the prescription medications you are taking and avoid problems where different medications interfere with each other or cause unsafe side affects.

Transferring is Easy!

At Chouteau Family Pharmacy, you don't have to complete any form to transfer your prescription.  All you need is to call us with your prescription information.


Trying to request a prescription transfer after our business hours?  Just complete the form below and we will take care of the rest.

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